3 Secrets Apple’s HomePod Revealed About the iPhone 8

Apple is a company whose happenings have historically been shrouded in secrecy. Over the last decade, however, it’s become increasingly difficult for the tech-giant to maintain close-knit control over the details surrounding its best kept secrets. Consider the HomePod: while the ultra-premium device was shown off at WWDC earlier this summer, the company waited until earlier this week to release its first firmware code to developers. More interesting than the code itself was what savvy developers have been able to discover hidden deep within it — a trove of otherwise cryptic information that appears to lend credence to some of the most noteworthy aspects about the upcoming iPhone 8.

Just yesterday, iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith revealed a bevy of information about the iPhone 8, including a vector image depicting how the device will feature a design similar to what we’ve been reporting on for months now, as well as the presence of Apple’s new ‘Face ID’ biometric security protocol. And the details discovered within the HomePod’s code have only continued to trickle in.