A software Fix for Faulty USB


We know that many of the commercially sold faulty USB-C cables can damage your devices. Because of this the ‘USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF)’, certifying types of cables, announced a new way to ensure that your device will be protected from defective or low quality cables.

“USB Type-C Authentication specification” is a set of software rules to ensure that your device can be charged safely. The new protocol will allow the ‘host systems to confirm the authenticity of the USB device or USB charger, including aspects of the product and as a state certification status. ”

From Ars Technica noted that the current USB-C devices can receive software updates, so you can use the new specification for authentication, allowing them to identify good and bad wiring. But this will not apply to the current cables that were apparently made before the USB-IF to propose this new solution.

The hope is that the new standards will be adopted faster from all manufacturer that make USB-C cables. It can make them a bit more expensive, but this additional change will make sure that the hardware we’ll be safe.