Apple Music gift card drops yearly subscription fee from $120 to $100


Discounts ahead of highly anticipated product announcement events? That doesn’t sound like Apple’s modus operandi at all, yet two days before the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are finally brought to light, Cupertino’s music streaming service becomes cheaper than ever.

Of course, that’s not as simple as it sounds, and you can’t just sign up to a new $8 a month Apple Music subscription. Instead, gift cards, both physical and virtual, are available starting today at $99, covering one year of premium, no-ad, unlimited tunes for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Windows PC, or Android device.

Normally, you’d pay $9.99 every 30 days on a standard single license, which amounts to a slightly steeper $120 (technically, $119.88) a year. $99 works out to $8.25 a month, arguably a not-so-hefty deduction that’s still something, not to mention extremely unusual for Apple, and perhaps most importantly, it undercutsarch-rival Spotify.

12-month Apple Music access codes can be obtained online from Walmart and PayPal, as well as in physical Apple stores nationwide. A similar offer is on across the pond, for British audio streamers, who get the service at £100 instead of £120, full advance one-year payment also required. Your move, Spotify.