Basis Peak watches recalled, service shutting down due to overheating

Basis Peak, a fitness watch tracking your health and sleep habits, is now being recalled
by the company after reports of overheating.

The Intel subsidiary first sent a statement about the overheating issues mid-June and is now asking customers to stop wearing their watches and is shutting down service “immediately.”

“We had hoped to update the software on your watch to address the problem,” the company said in a statement. “Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we aren’t able to develop such a solution without completely compromising the user experience. As a result, we are asking that you return your Basis Peak watch and authorized accessories for a full refund at your earliest convenience.”

Many of those who’d purchased the watch tweeted their disappointment at having to return the watch.

However, according to the company, the overheating issue has caused burns and blisters on approximately 0.2% of customers. Basis apologized in the statement, saying it was now concerned for customer’s safety.

Customers will still be able to access their data from the watch until the end of the year. They will also be issued a full refund for their purchase by visiting or calling one of the designated country numbers listed here

Parent company Intel bought Basis for $100 million
in 2014.

Featured Image: Basis