Best USB C adapters and cables for MacBook

Apple announced the 2015 MacBook to general applause, but one of the surprises – the addition of a USB-C port at the expense of MagSafe charging port, Thunderbolt and SD Card reader – was met with a fair amount of criticism and anger. The new 2016 version of the computer continued the USB-C trend, as did the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Fortunately for those without a full range of USB-C gear, Apple will provide you with an adaptor to extend the functionality of this port… for a price. Other companies offer more budget-friendly alternatives, along with a range of other USB-C cables and accessories.

USB-C is a new standard of USB that allows transfer speeds of 10Gbps, as opposed to the current 5Gbps rate available with USB 3.0, while it also offers decreased charging times. It’s not a one trick pony, either – USB-C handles data transfer, video output and power input.

Similarly to Apple’s Lightning connector, USB-C doesn’t have to be plugged in at a certain orientation, which means that you can wave bye-bye to the age-old USBguessing game of “Which way does it go in?”

For more detail on USB-C, take a look at our guide to Mac and iPhone ports.

Henry Burrell also contributed to this article.