Don’t like the fingerprint-prone Moto Z metal back? The Moto Z Play’s glass back may not be better

The fingerprint-prone metal backs of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force may not be seen on the Moto Z Play. We’re already talking about the inclusion of some decent specs and a headphone jack, might as well add another material change-up.

Well, this material might be just as prone to fingerprints as that metal that Lenovo utilized.

Reddit is linking to some Imgur and Instagram samples of what appear to be the Moto Z Play in all of its… glassy glory. The Instagram picture really shows why the bets are on glass with a subtle spiral etching on the back. It’s not typically a pattern we’d see applied to clear polycarbonate, but we’ve been surprised before. That said, we’ll have to watch for fingerprints once again.

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The rest of the leak seems pretty unremarkable. Android Marshmallow is on the thing with an app drawer shown off (oh my goodness, an app drawer in China!).

Source: Imgur, Instagram
Via: Phandroid