Here’s a look at the 56 new emoji that are headed to your phone

Pregnancy, wizards, water polo and an ape that may or may not be Harambe all feature in the upcoming emoji launch that’s soon to arrive on iPhone and other Apple devices.

This week saw the Unicode Consortium release version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard – which is essentially the standardised emoji dictionary.

The new selection of 72 images include a wider variety of food, status and animal emojis. There are nine new smiley face symbols and the flags selection has undergone a further update.

So when can we give these new emojis a go? Well, while Unicode have released the 10.0 update this week, it takes some time for mobile phone carriers update their operating systems to make them all available for you to use.

iOS users are normally at the front of the pack with such updates (due to Apple sitting on Unicode’s emoji subcommittee), so Android users, get used to Whatsapping “I don’t what you just sent” to your iPhone-owning mates come Autumn when the next iOS update comes along.