How to work with the new RSS Feedly

Now that Google is scraping its RSS feed system in July, you have to come up within 4 months time with new alternatives for your feed generation. That is where you start a hunt for new alternatives. We can give you a suggestion if you would like to take it, it’s Feedly. Feedly is an alternative RSS feed system that is designed on Google Chrome’s own feed operative. Feedly is a good RSS feed system that works almost the same and will not let you down. If however you got trouble using it then here’s how to get the maximum out of it. Feedly is a good option to consider because it is one of the few alternatives that are available to users on multiple platforms.

Step 1: RSS Sync with Chrome.

You can start off Feedly by authorizing its access to your Chrome Brower by installing it then enabling an extension. This will enable your browser with Feedly, when the Google RSS feed will breath its last.


Step 2: RSS Title View.

Although the main page and the Feedly feed can be good to look at, it will cause trouble when you are viewing items in bulk. For that you can change the view to titles will result in a layout that imitates the Google readers text only layout.


Step 3: Expand your screen for better visualization:

Expanding screen width will give better visualization of your feed. Your subscriptions will be seen on the left and your articles on the right. This will get rid of the Feedly hover effect that can become a drag after some time of use and becomes a nuisance if you want to view a lot of data.


Step 4: Keyboard short cuts:

Feedly comes with an added bonus of Keyboard short cuts that are great for quick access and saving of any data that you highlight. For a full list of Feedly keyboard shortcuts use ?  short cut to RSS.