Huawei Unveils its own VR Headset For Flagship P9


It is Time Samsung Gear VR to get another direct competitor on a VR helmet based on smartphone, this time it comes from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei.

The creator of the new Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, which naturally are the first models running the device, announced the release of its own device for virtual reality, which has emerged as a direct challenge to precisely Gear VR.


Both devices have a similar appearance, color and functionality. Huawei VR display movies and games in a 360-degree view as you move your head. On the right side of the gadget has a touch-pad, and above it is a Back button and a button to adjust the focus.


The fact that Huawei VR works with P9 and P9 Plus means that it is the first VR helmet that uses USB-C, rather than micro USB. The display of the headset is 1080p, while Samsung uses quad HD resolution.


So far, Huawei VR has no final price and premiere date, but the company definitely promises that will officially appear before the end of the year.