iPhone 6c will arrive next month


A report from Taiwan last week suggested that Apple would hold off releasing the iPhone 6c until the summer of 2016. It was a scenario I said was next to impossible as the company is committed to fall launch cycles for its core products. Either the iPhone 6c is being released in the coming months or it will be announced in Sepetember and launched next year I argued. It seems my former theory was right, at least according to @evleaks.

Evan Blass, the man behind Evleaks who made a name for himself as the most accurate mobile leak source in history now says that the iPhone 6c will be rolled out alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in September.

Here’s what I previously wrote:

Now Digitimes (a sketchy source on Apple with a hit and miss track record) now says that the iPhone 6c will be launching through the second quarter of next year. That is possible, but only under one scenario, so let me explain.

My own source in Cupertino’s marketing team has repeatedly been correct in shooting down any non-fall launches. Apple is 100% behind launching its major categories during the closing months of the year to make it big during the Holiday Season. If the iPhone 6c does arrive midway through 2016 is will be the company’s attempt to give it a spot in the limelight. However, if that launch date is true (I am sceptical) then it is all but guaranteed that Apple will announce the handset next month and the iPhone 6s event, similar to how the company handled the Apple Watch last year.

If the iPhone 6c is not announced before the end of this year, forget about it launching Q2 in 2016!

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