iPhone X details, Animoji, and Apple Watch LTE revealed by iOS 11 GM leak

A little more than one month ago, an Apple HomePod firmware leak revealed the basic design of the new iPhone and some details on its features. Now another Apple leak has spilled even more info on the company’s upcoming hero phone.

A Golden Master (GM) release of iOS 11 has leaked out and has not only reaffirmed the design of the new iPhone, but also revealed many of its features. Developer Steve Troughton-Smithhas discovered the names “iPhone 8”, “iPhone 8 Plus”, and “iPhone X” inside the iOS 11 GM, suggesting that the new all-screen iPhone will be known as iPhone X when it launches.

The iPhone X’s new facial recognition feature is named Face ID, reports 9to5Mac, a play off of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint reader. The device is expected to have an OLED display with a resolution of 2436×1125 and a True Tone Display, which will help with white balance in different lighting.

As for the notch at the top of the iPhone X’s display, the iOS 11 GM suggests that Apple will simply split the normal iOS status bar icons on either side of the notch. The time and location indicator will be on the left, with the cellular strength, Wi-Fi strength, and battery icons on the right. At the bottom of the display is a line that, according to previous leaks, will replace the iPhone home button and let you swipe up to return to your home screen from within an app.

This iOS 11 GM leak has also revealed Animoji. These are animated emoji characters that will use face tracking and your voice to animate the 3D characters. You can see examples of the Animoji here.

Apple is also said to be cooking up a new feature called Portrait Lighting. Details on the feature are light, but 9to5Mac suggests that it’s an improved version of the Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus that lets you add a blurry background to your photos.

An updated version of Apple’s AirPods are expected, too. This appears like it’ll be a minor update, though, with perhaps the only change being the relocation of the charging indicator light from inside the case to the front.

Finally, the iOS 11 GM leak appears to have tipped a new Apple Watch with LTE connectivity. The device looks similar to the Apple Watch Series 2, which means your existing bands should be compatible, but there’s a red dot on the Digital Crown.

This is a pretty huge leak, and what makes it even crazier is that it’s the second time we’ve gotten information on an unannounced iPhone from leaked Apple software. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the iPhone X is shaping up to be a major release for Apple. Some of the firsts that the iPhone X is expected to offer include the first all-screen design on an iPhone, the first OLED display, and the first use of Face ID facial recognition. The one downside is that all of these new features aren’t expected to be cheap, with the iPhone X expected to start at around $1,000.

Apple is hosting an event on September 12th, and the company is expected to reveal its new iPhone and Apple Watch hardware there. While much of the information of the new devices has leaked out early, it’s still worth looking forward to the event to learn more about how the new products and their features will work, so stay tuned.