LG G5 Modular Phones Dogged by Numerous Defect Complaints


LG’s G5 phones have gotten into hot water lately. Complaints of design flaws and other defects, such as broken GPS, blown out speakers, malfunctioning power buttons, and poor battery life, have dogged LG’s flagship modular phones. Other customers have raised issues about the gap between the removable battery module and the remainder of the phone’s chassis.

According to stories shared on social media, there have been instances where customers have had to ask for multiple replacements under their warranty– some have done so as many as six times. In sum, it appears that the G5 has a falling-apart problem.

The LG G5 made waves when it was first revealed earlier this year at the Mobile World Conference due to its distinctive modular design, the first of its kind, which featured a removable battery, upgradeable storage, and a customizable body that can tailored to your needs with various add-ons. As BGR reports, the modular design concept was lauded for breaking away from the pack and trying to bring something refreshing to the market.

Yet, the sizeable cloud of complaints plaguing the G5 suggests that the defective phones in question are not one-offs or anomalies. Instead it seems that the ambitious phone suffers from some fundamental flaws in its design. Android Authority reports that the exact scope and nature of all the manufacturing issues have yet to be accounted for and that LG has not issued an official response.