Moto X4 with Android One branding leaks out

Days after Xiaomi’s first Android One device was revealed, details on another company’s first Android One phone may have leaked.

An image that shows a Moto X4 with Android One branding has been shared by @evleaks. The rear of the phone looks just like the Moto X4 that was announced last week, complete with dual rear cameras and Motorola branding. This time, though, the words “Android One” are tattooed at the bottom of the phone’s back.

No other details regarding this Android One-branded Moto X4 are available, so it’s unclear when or where it might be released. Past rumors have suggested that the Moto X4 will soon be available on Project Fi, though, and so this might be that device.

An Android One-branded Moto X4 on Project Fi would be a big deal for a couple of reasons. Not only would it bring a new Project Fi phone with a “mid-tier price”, but it’d be the debut of Android One in the U.S., giving consumers an affordable alternative to Google’s Pixel flagships.

Would you be interested in an Android One version of the Moto X4?