Nextbit Robin now available in Ember, a limited edition red variant


Earlier this month, Nextbit slyly teased that a red version of its Robin smartphone was coming. Now that device is officially available.

The Nextbit Robin is now available in Ember, a model that features a black back and bright red endocarps. The Ember version of the Robin is a limited edition model, andNextbit says that once its stock is gone, it’s gone. You can buy the Ember Robin from Nextbit right now for $299.

Nextbit says that it’ll also offer a limited number of Ember Robin models through Flipkart in India starting next week.


The standard Mint and Midnight models of the Robin offer hardware with different shades of blue, so this red Ember model is really different. Not only is it different from the Robin, but you don’t see many bright red smartphones from any manufacturers, so buying this Ember Robin is a great way to make your smartphone stand out.

Nextbit today also teased the August update for the Robin. The update will bring videosupport for its auto-archiving, meaning that old videos that you recorded but don’t watch will be backed up to the cloud to create more space on your device. The update will also include the July security patches and improved thermal tuning to keep the Robin running cooler.