Opera VPN App Launches On Android

Opera VPN App

Opera has announced that they are offering a free unlimited VPN application on Android in the form of the Opera VPN app, the company also launched the app on iOS earlier this year.

The Opera VPN app comes with a range of features and it is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

A free and unlimited VPN app for Android is today available from Opera. The new app lets people enhance their online privacy, block ad-tracking cookies, access more online content, extend the geographical reach of apps and test the security of Wi-Fi networks.

“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service – without a data limit, no log-in required, advanced Wi-Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,” says Chris Houston, President of Surfeasy, Opera’s VPN division.

You can find full details about the new free Opera VPN app over at Opera at the link below, the app is now available to download.