Play Far Cry 4 in your browser


Okay, maybe not exactly, but this new interactive experience might at least give you a taste of the game in a weird way. It’s basically just a series of point and click rapid adventures, one released already and the rest coming soon. However, it certainly sets the tone for the game.

If you head on over to Far Cry 4’s interactive website, you can already play the first experience: An Eye for an Eye. It’s gritty and dark and already quite action packed. I managed to complete it, but your weapons of choice might surprise you. On 29 October, Rabbit Hole will becoming available, followed by Mind Blossom on 5 November. Finally, just days before the game launches, you can play Escape on 12 November.

To make it interesting, you can connect the site to your Uplay account and unlock rewards for use during the actual game. This is why Uplay was built – I’m not sure if anyone else remembers the silly Assassin’s Creed Facebook game that could link to your in-game progress and give you rewards via Uplay, but this is supposed to make all our heartache worthwhile. Totally worth it, right?

Even if you don’t worry about the rewards, it’s still a fun little diversion. I might just replay it to see what happens if I made different weapon choices. Ubisoft must be doing something right if even their interactive website has replay value.

Which franchise are you more excited about, Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed? They’re both open world sandboxes, but beyond that they are such different games. With them coming at about the same time, will you pick up both at the same time, or will only your favorite win out at first?