Pokemon Go Reaches 100 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is gaining a lot of popularity in the markets where the game is available. The app reached 50 million milestone one week after its launch and it seems it has reached yet another milestone.

Pokemon Go has reached a massive 100 million downloads milestone in the Google Play Store. There’s no word about the exact download number of the game on iOS App Store.

However, some reports suggest that the game could net $3 billion to Apple in the next few years if it continues to grow as it is right now. Another report suggests that the game has 21 million daily active users in the US, making it the most popular game in the country.

Not too long ago, the developer also released the game in 15 more countries across Asia and other continents so the download number is going to rise in the coming months.

As a player, your task is to catch different kinds of Pokemons in your surroundings and catch the most rare creatures in the game.

The game is available on both Android and iOS. Head over to the respective app store if the game is available in your country.