Previously rumored blue iPhone 7 could ultimately replace space gray with ‘space black’


A color and a jack. Sadly, these are some of the most “exciting” changes hardcore iFans can look forward to inthe upcoming iPhone 7, 7 Plus and possibly 7 Pro. Well, there’s also the Smart Connector on the larger configuration (s), a dual rear-facing camera, subtler antenna lines, plus an obligatory processor revision and UI tweaks.

But instead of talking about all that, many tipsters keep on debating the utility of the old 3.5 mm audio port (or lack thereof), as well as the direction Apple could choose to take the space gray paint job in. It seems pretty much guaranteed already the hue will be darkened, though it’s unclear if a “deep blue” draws near to complete the silver – gold – rose gold equation, or if Cupertino fancies a return to its black roots.

The last time a raven-coated iPhone was offered as an alternative to a white/silver flavor, black got mixed with slate for the 2012-released 5 generation. Now, rumor has it the dark-complexioned iPhone 7 will be sold under either a formal black or, more likely, space black name.

Other fresh intel suggests the home button shall stay physical and pick up haptic feedback, while “fully” wireless Apple-made EarPods are to smoothen the transition away from headphone jacks.