This Easy Trick Boosts Your iPhone’s Music Volume


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  1.  How to Boost Your iPhone’s Music Volume

If you’ve ever listened to music on your iPhone and thought the volume just wasn’t sufficient, you’re not alone. But, there is one incredibly simple trick to boost your iPhone’s volume that most people, unfortunately, don’t know about. Here’s how to increase the music volume on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Boost Your iPhone’s Music Volume

  1. Open the Settings app.


  2. Tap Music.


  3. Select EQ.


  4. Choose ‘Late Night’.


‘Late Night’ will often boost your music’s volume to a level acceptable for crowd listening, or even private listening when you’d really like to rock out.

It’s important to note that each EQ setting works differently with various genres of music. In some cases, you might find ‘Loudness’ is the loudest option and in other cases ‘Off’ might actually be the loudest. It also makes a difference whether you’re listening to music via the built-in speakers or via headphones.

Try each EQ setting individually to find out which sounds best for you and your favorite genre of music.