This might be the prettiest smartphone of all time


With the big players in the smartphone game updating their devices every year, we rarely see innovation that warrants shelling out hundreds of hard-earned pounds.

Sure, the iPhone is waterproof and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 boasts an iris scanner, but it’s been some time since one of the mid-tier options truly blew the market away with a fresh design.

That is, until now, with Sharp unveiling a beautifully sleek concept handset.

The electronics company has developed a new smartphone display concept known as ‘Corner R’, which basically removes the phone’s bezels on three edges.

The design, which was first picked up by The Verge, also utilises Sharp’s Free-Form Display technology in its 5.2-inch, 1080p IGZO LCD panel.

Now, the catch?

Well, it turns out Sharp isn’t actually selling the phone or one resembling this pretty, infinity-style screen. That doesn’t mean it never will, but for some reason tech companies seem to enjoy teasing us with things we can’t have.

Even if Sharp don’t wind up producing the goods, there’s a strong chance the iPhone 8 orGalaxy S8 will both have a radical design overhaul which could feature similar bezel-less tech.