Verizon’s Safety Mode now free for all as it introduces promotional data tier


As rumors have it, Verizon has decided to make free a feature that cost an extra $5 per month for its more data-conservative subscribers.

“Safety Mode,” which throttles account holders’ data speeds to 128kbps if they reach their LTE data cap, was originally introduced as free to those on the new Verizon Plan at the 16GB (XL) and 24GB (XXL) tiers. Other plan holders had to pay the extra fee for the privilege of being able to escape overage fees for almost unusable internet speeds. But even the 2GB (S), 4GB (M) and 8GB (L) tiers can opt-in for Safety Mode for free now, so long as they actually opt in through the My Verizon app.

In correlation with this move, Big Red has decided to introduce a promotional, unspecified “limited time” 12GB tier for a monthly cost of $80. Verizon is still offering an extra 2GB per line on an account, meaning that a family of four can share 20GB of data for the total price of $160 per month, including line access fees. The 12GB tier at $80 per month slots in between the $70 8GB plan and the $90 16GB plan.

Included with the 12GB, 16GB and 24GB is international calling and texting to and from Mexico and Canada.