Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be next to drop the traditional headphone port?


Oi, tech giants, just stop it, yeah. Please. We like your headphones just the way they are, so quit cutting headphone ports out of the phones we want.

The iPhone 7 went first and it seems like Apple has started a trend by ditching the 3.5mm audio jack, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 reportedly next to be readying the removal of the traditional headphone connection.

According to insider sources cited by WCCF Tech, Samsung will kill off the age-old headphone hole in favour of pushing your audio through the same USB-C connection used to charge the phone.


Far from the first time this missing headphone jack has been tipped for the S8, if accurate, this wouldn’t be the first time Samsung had echoed Apple’s controversial efforts.

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 killed off expandable storage before bowing down to public outcry and bringing microSD expansion back for this year’s brilliant Samsung Galaxy S7.

Just one of a number of Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours already doing the rounds, the phone has already been tipped to pack a stunning 4K screen, alongside a sizeable processor upgrade and new camera.

Despite the mass of early leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t expected to drop until next February 2017. So that’s plenty of time to carry on enjoying traditional, cabled, on-the-move audio.