You can now send money to friends with your Apple Watch


If you’ve ever wanted to quickly send money to a pal to cover your share of the restaurant bill, you can now do so with your Apple Watch. Square has just updated its iOS Cash app — which lets you send money to anyone via email or text — so that it also loads on the wearable from Cupertino. Simply enter in the amount you wish to pay in increments of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or $100, tap in the appropriate contact info, and your friend will get her money back in a matter of seconds. The Cash app can push payment request notifications to the Watch as well, which you can accept or deny right from your wrist. Aside from just email and text, you can also send money to folks via Bluetooth LE (just like its phone counterpart) as long as they’re in range. So now that you can settle your debts without having to take out your wallet and your phone, there’s no excuse to skip out on paying up — especially if you’ve got the cash to plunk down on a pricey smartwatch in the first place.