5 Ways to Browse Instagram from a Computer

Instagram, recently acquired by Facebook, is one of the coolest and most popular photo sharing services. The app initially made a debut on the iPhone, but now it’s available on the iPad also. Additionally Instagram has recently expanded over to the Android platform.

Currently, smartphones are the most popular way to view Instagram photos, but there may be times when you want to check out the awesome images on the big screen. In today’s post, we will review how you can browse Instagram from a computer.


Simply launch your favorite web browser on your PC or Mac and jump to any of the following websites to browse Instagram from the web.



Extragram is a very simple Instagram website. This is actually something that many people may prefer, as Instagram itself is also very simple. From the website, you can browse the popular photos page just as you would with the Instagram app on a smartphone. However, the website also offers other features such as a Feed, Likes, Profiles, Discover, Search and more.



Webstagram is another Instagram web implant that works great for browsing the Instagram community. It’s user interface is a bit more distinctive, however. Webstagram’s UI is more setup like a traditional website. Thus, it’s not as “photo gallery” like, but more, website like.

Additionally Webstagram offers more features for users who are just visiting the site. You don’t have to login to the site or login to Instagram in order to view popular photos, hot photos, photo of the day and even use the search function.



Statigram of course allows you to browse Instagram from the web. However, it also serves as a dashboard for other Instagram features also. For example, with this website you can manage your Instagram account, view detailed stats about your photos and even use the messaging function to email/contact privately other Instagram users.



INK361 is similar in UI to Extragram (mentioned above). Like all of the other sites on this list, you can sign-in to your Instagram account directly from the website using your existing account credentials. This site allows you to browse popular photos without signing in, as most Instagram browsers do, but it also offers some unique features such as hashtag based albums that allow you to add Instagram photos to custom #hash tagged lists.



Instagrid is a bit different than the other items on the list in that it is less of an Instagram browser and more of a website that expands the features of Instagram. For example, with Instagrid, you can choose to receive choice Instagram photos directly via inbox, and of course create custom photo galleries from Instagram photos, using hash tags. Another new feature that the site offers is a weekly digest composed of the hottest and most popular Instagram photos and users for the week.

More Instagram on the Web

The web based sites listed above not for you? Here are even more great Instagram browsers that you may be interested in:

Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. These great websites and apps should offer you plenty of flexibility for browsing Instagram. If any of our site visitors have any other great Instagram websites that we missed, feel free to link to them in the comments section.