Android Wear’s next update may boost your battery


Android Wear users could only look on in envy at the Duracell Bunny-like battery life of Pebble smartwatches, but reports suggest Google’s next update will help level the playing field.

Details about version 1.4 of the wearable OS​ have leaked onto Android Police, with “battery life improvements” listed as one of its key features.

Nobody is expecting the likes of the Moto 360 or the LG Watch Urbane to match the Pebble Time’s week-long runtime, but any improvement will no doubt be welcomed by the Android Wear community.

Other new features of update 1.4 include ​improved support for messaging apps like WhatsApp​ and Viber, and the ability to ​play sounds and take calls on watches with a speaker​.

New gesture commands and language options for Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Polish, Dutch and Thai are also included in the patch.

A new addition to the Android Wear family was revealed this week – the blingtastic ​Tag Heuer Connected, priced ​at a wallet-busting £1,100​.