another Apple TV set-top box is coming next year?


The fourth-generation Apple TV has only just landed in living rooms around the world, but it might not be too long before another model is upon us.

Taiwanese website Digitimes claims to have heard from the usual inside sources that Apple is almost ready to kick off trial production on a more powerful set-top box.

The report suggests that the fifth-gen Apple TV will pack a new processor that will “dramatically improve” performance, but also require a more effective heat-dissipation solution.

Considering it took Apple three years to move to its current Siri-enhanced streaming box, it seems unlikely that it will replace it so soon.

However, given that the latest Apple TV cannot match the 4K capabilities of rival boxes from the likes of Amazon, Nvidia and Roku, a higher-specced version would level the playing field.

It is possible that Apple could launch the device to co-exist with the current Apple TV, with the fourth-gen model becoming a cheaper alternative.

If the report proves to be accurate, the production timescale it mentions could see the new Apple TV arrive in time for the Worldwide Developers Conference next summer.