Apple Christmas Quiz 2016 – Round 3: Apple through the years

Macworld reader, Apple fan? The two go hand-in-hand, but just how big an Apple fan are you? We’ve put together a cryptic collection of 50 questions, each worth a point, to test both your memory and those of your Apple loving friends. No prizes, but award yourself brownie points if you score 30 points or more without relying on Google. Less than 10 points and you might want to consider yourself the Windows Vista of quiz contestants.

There are 5 rounds, and this is the third. The final two will be posted tomorrow and the day after; the previous two rounds are linked to below. Remember that you’re aiming for 30 points out of 50!

Listed below are the questions; when you’re ready for the answer scroll down, no peaking now!

Round 1: The Life and Times of Steve Jobs

Round 2: Apple Alumni: Woz, Ive, Cook and Co

Q1 Name the club Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs joined in 1975?

Q2 When did Apple ship its first tablet-style computer?

Q3 Which Apple project reportedly only existed because an engineer wanted his son to be able to live closer to his grandparents?

Q4 What inspired the design of the flexible, adjustable arm introduced with the iMac G4?

Q5 Which Apple ad campaign featured images of Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali among others?

Q6 When and where did the first European Apple Store open?

Q7 When Steve Jobs was stripped of all his duties at Apple in 1985 where did he move to?

Q8 What was the name of the range of cameras, Apple manufactured in the mid-1990s?

Q9 Who partnered with Apple to produce the Pippin games console?

Q10 In 2008, where could you see Steve Mobbs, Mapple, the MyPod, MyPhone, MyTunes, MyCube, Mapple Store and Braniac Bar?