Apple could be forced to make it easier for users to jump ship to Android


Apple doesn’t want its users to jump ship to Android, but reports suggest that it’s under pressure to make it easier to switch to a rival operating system.

According to The Telegraph, European telecom operators are concerned about iOS dominance and want the iPhone maker to loosen its grip on customers.

In response to the pressure, Apple is said to have developed a tool that allows users to move their contacts, photos, and other data to an Android device more easily.

The rumoured switching tool sounds similar to the Move to iOS app found on Google Play – which transfers data from Android to iOS – except in reverse.

Releasing an app that helps users hop the fence would mark a radical departure from the Apple of old, which determined to lock customers into its ecosystem during the Steve Jobs era.

Apple is yet to officially confirm that the tool is in the works, but we’ll bring you up to speed if that changes.