Apple is working on a fix for this iPhone 6S battery anomaly


some iPhone 6S users are reporting a battery anomaly that’s causing their device to display an incorrect amount of remaining charge.

Battery percentage on affected devices is apparently failing to update, even though power is being consumed.

It only seems to occur when an iPhone 6S enters another time zone and automatically updates its clock, or when the user adjusts the time manually.

No doubt this is annoying for users who travel regularly, but Apple is working on a fix – and there’s a workaround solution to correct it manually.

The Apple Support page is advising affected users to restart their handset, before heading into Settings, General, Date and Time, and then making sure ‘Set Automatically’ is activated.

A fix to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place is expected to be included in iOS 9.2.1, but Apple is yet to confirm when it is rolling out.

Here’s hoping Apple has sorted its battery concerns by the time the iPhone 7drops later this year.