Apple Quiz – Round 1: The Life and Times of Steve Jobs

Macworld reader, Apple fan? The two go hand in hand, but just how big an Apple fan are you? We’ve put together a cryptic collection of 50 questions, each worth a point, to test both your memory and those of your Apple loving friends.

Each round contains 10 questions. You can award yourself brownie points if you score 30 points or more over the course of the entire quix without relying on Google. Less than 10 points and you might want to consider yourself the Windows Vista of quiz contestants.

Round 1: The Life and Times of Steve Jobs

Q1 Steve Jobs was adopted. But what nationality was his birth father?

Q2 Which Beatles song did Jobs say best typified his philosophy of how to perfect a product?

Q3 When Jobs adopted a vegan diet, what else did he stop doing?

Q4 What role did Kobun Chino Otogawa play in Jobs’ life?

Q5 Which video games company did Jobs work for after dropping out of Reed College?

Q6 Which class attended by Jobs at Reed College inspired elements of Apple products?

Q7 In 1996, how much did Apple pay for NeXT, a move that saw Jobs return to the company he co-founded?

Q8 Who posed on stage as Steve Jobs at the 1999 Macworld Expo?