Best proxy servers to use

proxy_serverHow many times have you come across sites that contain information that you need only to find it blocked by your country or region? The best answer to this dilemma is to use proxy serversProxy servers are either downloadable programs or available online that help you bypass restricted sites and make access easy. Usually proxy servers like these block virus like Trojan and malware from entering your PC or laptop. Since the blocking of YouTube in Pakistan, proxy server usage has increased dramatically. Following are the best proxy servers to be used:


Zalmos is an anonymous proxy server that gives access through the website server itself. It gives indirect access to user by using several proxies itself. Zalmos usage in Pakistan has increased upto 79%. However due to high traffic and use of several proxies at once, the site can be really slow and stuck.


Proxify is a highly efficient online proxy server that makes use of encryption through the SSL and HTTPS protocols. Proxify also handles the filtering of cookies and viruses, and alters the system to any threat. It works well with any browser and also hides the IP address as an added bonus.

Ninja Cloak:

Ninja cloak is another anonymous proxy server that works well and generates much faster browsing speed. The Ninja Cloak uses CGI network protocol as a main. HTTPS protocol is also available for those who want a more reliable and secure browsing.


Anonymouse is a web based proxy server that provides email, web and proxies for several websites like Usenet. This proxy server has existed over the Internet for quite some time. It is available as both a free version that is online, and an upgradable version that is available in download form.

Tor project:

Tor project is not a proxy server in the true sense of the word. Developed by Anonymous as a means to hide and generate new IP addresses, the TOR browser can be used to access sites that are restricted in your country.

Command Prompt:

Command prompt can be used for proxy bypassing. By changing the net status and IP address of the user, any IP address can be downloaded and you can give that IP address to your net status. The IP address will remain the same as long as the computer is on.

These are the best proxy servers that can be used to bypass proxies.