Can I get books on my galaxy tab 2 from kindle?

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Can I get books on my galaxy tab 2 from kindle?

I have a galaxy tab 2 and it came with a kindle app. I made an amazon account but I can’t seem to download any books? How do I do this?

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Answer by Rose D
Start by logging in to your Amazon account on a computer. Go to the Kindle store. Find a book. Next to the book is an option to buy it with One-Click, and under that is a pull-down menu with the devices you can download it to. Do you see your Galaxy Tab as an option? If not, it wasn’t registered properly and you’ll need to try again.

If you do see it, the next thing to do is (still on the computer), go back to Amazon’s home page. At the bottom is a link labeled Manage Your Kindle. Clicking on this will take you to a page with all of your purchases. Next to each book is an Action button. Items include sending it to various devices. Select your Galaxy Tab. Then turn on the Galaxy Tab, connect to wifi and open the Kindle app. It should download automatically.