ConnectedAfield: A worthwhile hunting and fishing companion


When you’re planning your next hunting or fishing trip and putting together a list of all the items you need to take with you, consider downloading ConnectedAfield. This free universal app requires iOS 7.1 or later and will provide you with some helpful tools for your time in the wilderness.

ConnectedAfield offers some features you would expect. Users can get the latest weather information based on their GPS location. The weather information includes the current data, hourly and daily forecasts and the latest radar image for your location. You will also have access to updated solunar tables listing sunrise, sunset, and moonrise times plus the most likely feeding times for your prey.

I found the Mapping feature to be especially useful. The app provides interactive maps based on your GPS location. Or you can enter a location so you can use the map before your trip. Once you call up a map you can save it for future use. ConnectedAfield allows users to put marks on the map to identify important spots. Users get a number of symbols to choose from to use as markers so you can indicate spots where you killed a specific animal such as a deer or bear, a good place to camp, where you placed a trail camera, a feeding area, where a tree stand is located, yours or someone else’s, a rock pile off shore in a lake where fish congregate and many more. Almost no limit to the number and kinds of spots you can mark for future reference.


Another feature in mapping is the use of a ruler to measure the distance between two points. Just place the crosshairs from the app on the two points and the distance appears at the bottom of the screen. This will be useful if you are marking the distance from camp or off a road, or how long the hike is to an area you want to hunt. Lots of uses for this tool.


ConnectedAfield has a social media section too so you can check out pictures and information from other outdoorsmen or post your trip info and photos of your kills or catches. This area is broken into more specific segments for general information, predators, or almost every type of prey you can hunt or catch: bear, deer, elk, waterfowl, small game, fresh water fish, salt water fish, and many more.

Three other sections worth noting. The app provides an area for you to compile a journal so you make notes on each trip. ConnectedAfield also saves the weather and solunar information with each entry. The second area is a classified section so you can buy and sell all kinds of hunting and fishing gear or services. And finally users will find links to each state’s hunting and fishing regulations so you can double check season dates and catch and size limitations.


Overall I believe ConnectedAfield will prove to be a valuable app to keep with you the next time you venture out hunting or fishing. You will still need the knowledge and skills to be successful but it provides some important assists.