Developers, get started coding for tvOS


With millions of people using tvOS, it’s earned its bona fides as a major platform. Whether you’re an experienced developer looking for new territory or you’re just interested in learning, this bundle of courses clocking in at 35 hours is a great primer for coding in tvOS. It covers everything from the basics to creating multiplayer games, turning iPhone apps into tvOS apps and more, and right now you can get access for just $29.

Here’s some of what’s included:

Apple TV App Development for tvOS
Master Apple TV app development by learning to use Xcode, programming in the new TVML language, brushing up on JavaScript and Swift, and more. You’ll build a valuable skill set applicable to many programming projects.

Learn tvOS for Game Development
Get your games onto the screens of millions of Apple TV users by learning to create via tvOS templates for any SpriteKit game, program characters, configure game world physics, add visual effects like parallax scrolling, and lots more. In the process you’ll master and fine tune critical programming and development skills.

Player vs. Player tvOS Games
This course covers the essentials for crafting engaging games for Apple TV that set player against player. You’ll learn to configure multiplayer gameplay modes, program to detect physics collisions, create a bullet class, animate explosions, and lots more.

Convert an iPhone App to Apple TV Using tvOS
Learn the process of converting an iPhone app into an Apple TV app, getting hands-on experience in tvOS development in the process. Source code is provided to build your Apple TV app, offering a chance to master coding in Xcode, Objective-C, and more. By the end you can have a full-fledged app uploaded to the iTunes store.

Swift tvOS Crash Course: Build a Space Shooter in SpriteKit
With this project-based course, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of building numerous real-world apps. Master the use of Xcode and SpriteKit to set up player controls in tvOS, and learn important skills that’ll bolster anyone’s programming expertise. Plus by course’s end you’ll have built a super cool space shooter game.

Creating Apple TV Apps without Programming
This beginner’s course is ideal world of tvOS development, offering a primer on using Xcode, basic Swift, and user interface design principles, how to add buttons and more. You’ll also get access to source code for use in building a simple storyboard app, providing an ideal foundation for any future development projects.