DJI upgrades its 4k handheld gimbal camera with zoom lens, motion timelapse

DJI just announced an upgraded version of its lovely Osmo camera. Called the Osmo Plus
, this model offers key features not found on the original Osmo such as zoom, motion timelapse and an improved stabilization system.

Like the original, which is still available, the Osmo Plus gives shooters a stabilized camera system thanks to the 3-axle gimbal system. It’s  similar to the gimbals used on DJI’s drones, but inverted and attached to a handle. Because of this gimbal, the camera can produce smooth shots even while the camera is being moved around or attached to something like a bike or car.

The addition of the zoom in the Plus model is a welcomed add-on. I have the original Osmo and find it a compelling device, but the lack of zoom makes it feel on par with the camera found on my iPhone. The Osmo Plus sports a 7x zoom with 3.5x optical and 2x digital lossless when shooting at 1080p.

DJI notes this system is similar, but not interchangeable, with the Zenmuse Z3 camera just announced for the Inspire 1 drone.

The Osmo Plus will retail for $499 or $649 when bundled with the handle.

  1. OSMO+ front – with phone

  2. OSMO+ front

  3. OSMO+ rear – with phone

  4. OSMO+ rear

  5. SHOT-01-03681

  6. SHOT-005-1-0374_retouched

  7. SHOT-006-0118

  8. SHOT-008-0276_Stitched