Entner: Verizon, T-Mobile and low-frequency spectrum – now with 50% less …

T-Mobile US marketing Windows Phone 7
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T-Mobile US marketing one of HTC’s batch of Windows Phobe 7 phones in-stores.

Entner: Verizon, T-Mobile and low-frequency spectrum – now with 50% less

Right before CES–where we cared more about who crashed whose party and got kicked out rather than substance–Verizon and T-Mobile came to a significant spectrum deal. Under a series of agreements, Verizon will sell T-Mobile 23 700 MHz A Block …

T-Mobile Android app store…CLOSED!!!
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Was speculating that T-Mobile’s Android phone will not allow third party apps ( just like iPhone ) and the developer from a former T-Mobile developer, Shane Isbell, chimed in and confirmed it:


I have nothing but respect for Mr. Isbell, and his SlideMe project looks cool, but his comment confirms that T-Mobile plans to fork Android, no independently developed third party apps, no VoIP, nothing – just the same old crap ( .00 ringtones, no open web access ).

Proof positive More speculation, a week before the big press announcement, that the mobile carriers are not, repeat NOT, using Android to provide better service at all. They are just using it to save money on OS licensing fees and aren’t even going to pass that savings onto the Consumer.

I also fault Google for collusion and reject all the talk of "openness", " a revolution" and every other catch phrase that has been surrounding Android – it was all a bunch of BS to cover up the fact that T-Mobile is just up to its usual crimes against the Consumer.

"Open Source" my azz! "Do no evil"? Yeah, right. By giving T-Mobile Android, Andy Rubin just unleashed all new kinds of evil.

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Pretty much the only interference T-Mobile have had on the device

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Billionaire Daniel Loeb wants Dow Chemical Co. to spin off its petrochemicals unit, expects T-Mobile US Inc. to merge with Sprint Corp., and thinks the U.S. Government will exit Ally Financial Inc. in an initial public offering. Loeb's Third Point LLC …