Facebook Login is coming to save your Apple TV from text input woes

You won’t have to rely on that awkward on-screen keyboard much longer.


The new Apple TV has earned plaudits for its cutting-edge interface, but text input isn’t exactly its specialty.

Entering login information using that on-screen keyboard is cumbersome, but help is one the way from an unlikely source – Facebook.

The world’s largest social network has just rolled out its own software development kit for Apple TV, allowing programmers to give users the option to log into their apps with Facebook credentials.

This will pave the way for Apple TV users to log into apps and services with an eight-digit code entered via their smartphone, instead of fumbling around with that digital keypad to bash out entire user names and passwords.

The SDK will also open the doors to content sharing, allowing users to ping content from their TV screen to their Facebook profile, similar to the way iOS apps currently share content with the service.

It sounds like login woes are coming to an end on Apple TV, and with a native BBC iPlayer app and Siri support for Apple Music users on the way, the box’s future is looking bright.