Features about the Samsung Galaxy S7


Innovation in the smartphone world is not dead. Far from it. And the Samsung Galaxy S7 is proof of this. Here are seven epic features of Samsung’s latest smartphone that ensures it’s on the cutting edge of greatness.

1. All the photos you need anytime, in any lighting condition
The Samsung Galaxy range is known for fantastic photos and the Samsung Galaxy S7 steps up the tradition with Dual Pixel sensors. This new feature allows the Samsung Galaxy S7 to capture 95 percent more light than S6, allowing for clearer pictures in low light conditions. The size of the pixels on the sensor are up to 30 percent larger than what’s present on the iPhone 6s Plus and it has a faster autofocus too, making every moment as crystal clear as you remember it.

2. As much storage as you can handle
Taking fan feedback into account, Samsung brings back the much requested expandable storage feature. Now you can use its hybrid dual-SIM slot to put in either two SIM cards or a single SIM and microSD card expandable up to 200GB for all the movies, music, photos, and games you need on the go.


3. Everything you need on screen
The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an always-on display. You can check out the time, date, missed calls and all sorts of app notifications without having to press a button. With a small number of pixels lighting up in order to show you what’s important, thanks to Samsung’s superior Amoled technology, you won’t have to worry about battery life taking a hit.

4. Built for rain or dust or even a shower
The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with an IP68 rating. This means that it can withstand bad weather conditions thanks to dust and water resistance or a simple shower. It’s usable even while keeping the micro USB port and earphone jack open so you don’t have to fidget with caps or covers, going a long way in making you rethink what phone can do.


5. All day, fast charging battery
Samsung this year has included 3000mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S7, a significant bump over last year’s 2550mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S7 edge boasts of 3600mAH battery. Both the phones support fast wired and wireless charging too.

6. More power than you need

Being Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 packs quite the punch. Powered by the company’s home-grown Exynos 8890 SoC and coupled with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, there’s more than enough processing power and memory for any task.

7. Gaming on the go
With the Samsung Galaxy S7 supporting the Vulkan API, the gaming experience is one to watch out for. The device supports the most graphic intensive games and runs them with ease. Something which was always a worry on your hand held devices.