Fridge Cam lets you spy on your food


You only thought you knew what crazy gadgets you wanted in your kitchen. Now, one company at CES raised the stakes with a Fridge Cam.

Yes, you read that right. This device lets you check on the food in your refrigerator when you’re not home.

Created by UK-based Smarter, the device easily mounts to the inside of your fridge using a suction mount. Using the Smarter app, you can take a quick snapshot of what’s inside your fridge and see what you might need to stock up on.

While the convenience of the device is clear to some people, it quickly became the target of derision, with other people claiming it’s the latest proof that technology is slowly turning us into spoiled overly tech-dependent sloths. First selfie sticks, now this?

But in an age of app-based grocery shopping and near-instant food delivery, the truth is – all jokes aside — the Fridge Cam is probably right on time.


The company also unveiled Smarter Mats, tiny platforms that sit underneath your beverages in the fridge and notify you via app if a particular beverage container is empty or full.

The company hasn’t announced prices for the Fridge Cam or the Smarter Mats, but both devices will be available this summer and will be supported by iOS and Android apps.