‘Frowning Pile of Poo’ Among 67 New Emoji Proposed for 2018


Earlier this week, Unicode President Mark Davis took the wraps off a collection of 67 new Emojis, which his team and their constituents will be entertaining as “draft candidates” for a potential release in the Unicode 11 update slated for sometime in 2018. The revelation emerged courtesy of Emojipedia, who recently held its quarterly Unicode Technical Committee meeting where the 67 Emoji candidates were named. The list will be further whittled down to the final candidates when the Unicode Consortium convenes later this October, and the official additions to the Emoji library will then be revealed at the Consortium’s follow-up meeting sometime during the first-quarter of 2018.

Among the 67 new characters proposed for inclusion in Unicode 11 are a smiling face with three hearts, smiling face with party hat, blue face with icicles, grinning face with OK as eyes, kangaroo, cupcake, llama, bagel, broom, skateboard, softball, smiling face with cape, serious face with eye mask and cape, as well as an inversion of the well-known poo emoji called “frowning pile of poo.”

While the list of candidates is certainly diverse and entertaining, worth noting is that it could change at any time before it’s finalized next year. Also worth noting is that long before Unicode 11 is finalized, we still have all the new Emoji characters slated to launch in Unicode 10 to look forward to. These new Emojis, which were highlighted by Apple last month during World Emoji Day, will likely be coming later on this fall when iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and watchOS 4 go live. Upcoming Emoji characters include Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Breastfeeding, Sandwich, Coconut, T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie, Elf, Star-Struck, Exploding Head, and many more.

Although Apple hasn’t specified a date when the Unicode 10 characters will be incorporated into its major software titles, historically speaking they should appear shortly after the launch of iOS 11. Back in 2016, for instance, the Unicode Consortium released the Unicode 9 Emojis in June, but Apple didn’t incorporate them until the release of iOS 10.2 in October.