Galaxy Note 7 shipments being delayed for quality testing, says Samsung


The Galaxy Note 7 is one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, and unfortunately for Samsung, shipments of the device have been delayed.

Samsung confirmed today that it is delaying shipments of the Galaxy Note 7. The company told Reuters that this move was made for “additional tests being conducted for product quality,” but Samsung didn’t explain what it’s testing or which parts of the globe will have its Note 7 shipments delayed.

Because the Note 7 is such an important phone for Samsung, whatever the reason is for this shipment delay, it must be a big deal. Earlier this month, one Galaxy Note 7 owner had their new phone explode while it was charging. That’s a big deal because it could seriously hurt a person, and so it’s entirely possible that the Note 7’s shipments are being delayed so that Samsung can look into the exploding battery issue.

Unfortunately, because Samsung isn’t going into much detail about the Note 7 shipment delays, it’s tough to tell who this is going to affect. It’s important that Samsung ensure that the Galaxy Note 7 is safe, though. Here’s to hoping that Samsung irons out whatever issue its quality testing for and gets Note 7 shipments going at full speed again soon.