Get better perks with your Nook app

Reading apps are plenty. But not all of them give you the same service. For a better reading experience, the Nook reading app is one of the best choices you could go for out there. Here are 7 reasons why.


Free App

First off, downloading and using the Nook app to read books is free. That means you could enjoy all the features, freebies and books it offers without having to spend a dime. That’s one of the reasons Site Pro News thinks reading apps are so ideal.

With the Nook app, you can access a million books and download them for free. Explore and expand your reading choices. Go for popular classics and discover what made them classics in the first place. Get your adorable nephews and nieces started on reading with the free children’s titles available on the site. Learn something about entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a business from business books. Imagine travelling the rest of the world with the help of wonderfully evocative travel books. Learn a new dish from that Russian cook book. With a million books in stock, you’re sure to find surprises along the way. You just have to go and look.

Better Prices

Not discounting the value and charm of ebooks but as a book lover, you’ll always find books you’d want to buy. There’s the latest thriller or fantasy offering from your favorite author. Or that newest installment to the series you’ve been waiting for—for what seems like forever. You’ll never really stop buying them. The only difference now is that you’ve got a choice between printed books and ebooks. For books you really want to have and to hold, the printed editions or hardbound ones will never go out of style. But for books you only want to spend a few hours over, books that you enjoyed but have no wish to keep forever, buying ebooks gives you a chance to know what that story was about, satisfy your curiosity or fix for a paranormal romp or angst-ridden plot and move on to the next—all at a rate that’s lower than print books. You not only get to buy books you love, you even manage to save up on some of them. That’s one ebook advantage that’s hard to beat.

Better Access

Ebookfriendly says that it’s time to stop thinking your e-reads should be confined to just your mobile or laptop or tablet. By downloading and installing the Nook Book app on all your devices, you can enjoy multiplatform access anytime you want. So if your tablet is low on battery and you’re eager to get on with the story, you can just find your way into your e-book library through your laptop or mobile device. That’s convenient, all-around access. With everything synchronized, you won’t have to be tied to one unit anymore. You can access your reads from any device you own for a truly integrated reading experience.

Library on Cloud

Ever had your phone slow down because you loaded too much on your reading app and now it’s eating up too much of your phone’s operational memory, compromising speed and core functions? That happens when you don’t go for the Nook book app the first time around. Correct that misstep by installing a Nook app as soon as you can. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you can enjoy having your entire collection on cloud. That means no more memory issues with your phone. And because it’s on cloud, you could add to your reading pile without worrying you’re going to run out of space any time soon. From your Harry Potter collection to your comic book faves and the children’s classics you love, you can upload them all up there and still have plenty of room to spare.

Neat Piles

For book lovers, owning dusty towers of precariously balanced and disorganized, often slightly askew, tomes are normal. But those towers and tomes often require a bit of work. You’ve got to dust them off regularly. Also, when you pull one out of the pile, sometimes the whole edifice crumbles and if you’re pressed for time, you won’t have to luxury to carefully put them all back in their proper places. That makes looking for your favorite reads a little bit difficult. That’s why PC Tech Magazinecites the organizational benefits of getting a reading app. With the app, it’s easy to find your books since they could be arranged according to author, title or even genre. You can say goodbye to dealing with the mess of your dusty tower of tomes.

These are just some of the best reasons to download and install a Nook book reading app in your devices. With the app, you can improve your reading experience with better features and perks.