Github wants to make it easy to discover fun projects to hack on

The best way to improve as a developer is to read other people’s code, and to work on projects with other developers. Github, as the epicentre of social coding, is arguably the best place to do that, and today the company announced two new discoverability features that will allow developers to unearth interesting new projects.

The Github dashboard now shows a “Discover Repositories” feed, which highlights projects based on your interests. So, if you star Python projects and follow Python contributors, Github will show you relevant projects written in Python. Discover Repositories will also highlight popular projects on the platform which, although not necessarily related to the user’s area of expertise, are probably interesting.

Github also wants to act as a tour guide to all things code, and the Explore tab now shows hand-picked collections of projects grouped by particular concepts, paradigms, and languages. So, if you want to dive into machine learning, Github will show you a relevant, curated collection of software projects.

Meanwhile, topic pages allow you to find all projects centered around a particular technology. This means that if you want to find every Android project on the platform, you can.