Google Glass 2 could come in three models


Google has kept its plans for future Google Glass models under wraps​ so far, but details about the headset’s successor are starting to trickle in.

The Information​ claims that three new models of the hi-tech goggles are in testing under the banner of Project Aura, the new name for Google Glass.

One of the models is said to come without a screen, which would be ironic given that Glass takes its name from the display it puts in the user’s eye line.

The glass-less headset will reportedly be aimed at health and fitness enthusiasts, using audio to relay information to them, but we’re not yet sure what benefits this has over headphones.

Another model aimed at business users is also rumoured to be in the works, but the source claims that Google could whittle its new Glass range down to two models ahead of launch.

Google is yet to offer any first-hand information about its follow-up to Glass, but has assured fans that the device will return in one form or another.