Google isn’t giving up on its social networking ghost town Google+

Struggling Facebook rival gets a complete overhaul.


Google+ may be a ghost town compared to social networking giant Facebook, but Google isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

In fact, the web giant has just given the service a complete overhaul on iOS, Android and the web.

The new design focuses on “collections” and “communities”, positioning Google+ as a network dedicated to interests, rather than a personal service.

Its layout has also been simplified and better optimised for mobile.

​”Today, we’re starting to introduce a fully redesigned Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and centre. Now focused around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler,” said Google in a blog post.

“And it’s more mobile-friendly – we’ve rebuilt it across web, Android and iOS so that you’ll have a fast and consistent experience whether you are on a big screen or small one.”

Google said its research highlighted that users log onto Google+ to discuss their interests, hence the redesign putting this front and centre.

Google+ launched in June 2011 to little fanfare, and has since struggled to make a dent in its rivals’ user bases. ​