Google Play Movies & TV are now available on Chromebook with offline support

plY-250x180Google has now offered for all its ChromeOS users to have the access to movies and TV shows offline. It is through an updated chrome extension; users can play and store content from the company’s video on-demand service without an internet connection.

This new extension is called Google Play Movies & TV through which you can save your movies without Wi-Fi or data connection. Google came up with this strategy in order to fight criticism that Chromebooks that requires Wi-Fi are useless without an internet connection. SO, they are giving a way for its users to watch Google Play Movies & TV offline.

Have the latest version of the app from the Chrome Web Store. When collecting you can see little download buttons by the bottom-right corner of each show.

Last year, Google added some more features such as automatic offline Drive document syncing in Chrome and Google Keep for quick online or offline note taking. Also, offline version of Gmail and Google calendar has been available for years now.

The thing that is still missing is a music service as Google Play Music works only online and it is same for the web-based versions of streaming music apps such as Spotify and Rdio. So, let’s wait for these too if Google shall make it available after sometime.

Now that Google has brought in many offline apps, it seems that the quote “Chromebooks don’t work without an Internet connection” is less convincing as you can kill hours on a long flight by watching an offline movie. Even when you are travelling, saving a movie or some video shows of your choice, you can have those fun.

But, those movies that are purchased on Google Play cannot be saved to your computer or iOS device at this time.

The extension is not available to all Chrome browser users; it’s available only to those with ChromeOS devices. The users on other platforms would only be able to view their library and purchase new content with it.

In addition to his extension, Google has also come up with some minor enhancements in watching experience to its movie and TV show via its Chrome browser. It has the Info Cards which the company launched last year for Android. Also, users can have improved Chromecast and local playback experience for all Chrome browser users.

As mentioned in TechSpot, these info cards are now available in all countries with Google Play Movies, and the Google Play Movies & TV browser extension with the offline functionality is available now for free according to news reports