Hands-on Panasonic SC-ALL05 speaker review


Hands-on Panasonic SC-ALL05 speaker review: We test out this new waterproof All Connected speaker from Panasonic, designed to survive damp conditions in a bathroom or kitchen.

Panasonic just added four new speakers to its All Connected range, which are designed to fill every room in your home with top-quality audio. One of the most intriguing additions is the SC-ALL05, built to take a serious splashing in your bathroom or kitchen thanks to its water-resistant design.


The SC-ALL05 can deal with a lot more than just the occasional trickle of water. At Panasonic’s big launch over in Frankfurt, the speaker was being constantly doused by a series of jets, yet still managed to smash out a toe-tapping slice of TLC as you’ll see in our video below.

You get up to six hours of charge from the built-in battery, so you can actually sit the SC-ALL05 in your shower if you want to (for whatever reason). And you can really feel the 20W output when you get up close, which should fill a small room with seriously powerful audio.

Of course you get full DAB/FM radio support, with Bluetooth and WiFi built in plus a USB port around the back, for full flexibility on how you access your music.