how Apple Music will look on your Android device

Apple Music looks set to arrive on Android devices soon, as screenshots of the service running on the rival platform have started to leak.

The images published by Mobile Geeks suggest that the streaming service will make the jump to Google devices largely unchanged.


Navigation will be carried out via a slide-out menu over on the side, and features including For You, New, Beats 1 radio, Connect, and My Music are all present.

Android users will be able to manually set how much cache space Apple Music takes up, but it is unclear whether iCloud Music Library support is included.

Apple previously confirmed that Music is coming to Android in the autumn, and with October almost behind us, now seems like a good time to flick the switch.

Apple Music is off to an impressive start on iOS, currently reaching the ears of 15 million users, 6.5 million of whom are paying customers.