How do you make your dance leaps better?

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How do you make your dance leaps better?

I’ve been a dancer for 3 years, and I’m pretty good at turns and kicks. The only thing that kills me are my leaps. I have both my splits, and am pretty strong. What are some tricks to make them better?

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Answer by Rachel
1. Use your upper body and core. Make sure when you jump up you keep you arms strong as if someone would try to smack them away and you try to RESIST them…. resitance is also key. Also make sure your core is squeezed at tight as possible, but that is more relevant to turns but can still apply to jumps.

2. BREATH. When you prep (eg, 2 runs then a split jump/ grande jete) breath in and when you jump up breath out. This is also something that works really well.

3. Make sure that on your prep you bend you knees so when you take off you get a big jump… you dont want to run up high then try to jump high… doesn’t work well – trust me.

Those are the basic 3 things that help me and i think are essential for great jumps, good luck! ?

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