How Facebook made the world a smaller place in 2015

Already over its first 10 years, Facebook has done so much to get us to publish our memories and activity on its social network, but what will the second decade bring? Is there something more to the company than just a network of conversation? 2015 has been key in Facebook’s pursuit to bring about a new era of social that makes the world feel like a much smaller and more interconnected place.

Through the good times and tragedies of 2015, Facebook has been at the center of the conversation. “People found connections in the hardest moments,”company COO Sheryl Sandberg wrote in a blog post looking back at 2015. They “came together in ways we had never seen before, sharing news about refugees, raising money for those in need, and marking themselves safe during times of crisis … It was a year for activism and hope.” And for reflecting that activism and hope using profile pic filters. But that’s just one element of Facebook’s plan to continue growing its usefulness and reach.